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Below you can find all mazes made by visitors in a table.

Everyone can rate mazes by giving stars. You can do that two times: once during the maze and once after finishing the maze. The vote at the end of the maze counts for 4. So you have 5 votes in total. (You can't rate a maze you've made yourself).
You can choose one star (poor) up to 5 stars (excellent). You can find the average rating in this table.
You can also see the number of unique visitors who started the maze (column 'Starts') and the number of them who finished it (column 'Finished').
In the last column the successful finishes are represented by a percentage of the number of starts. This gives an indication of the difficulty of the maze. The lower the percentage, the more difficult the maze.

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PremiereFlorisThe very first not official maze :)2006-03-09 15:46:19 S 4444 10665.7
VerdwaalpadMarleen 2006-03-09 19:49:51 M 55555 5012
Dick2Dick 2006-03-11 22:26:41 XL 4444 5811.7
dick3Dick 2006-03-13 14:16:05 M 55555 3712.7
haksplattessago snel away2006-03-13 16:53:17 M 55555 4912
ProjectHanneke, Laura, Annelot eHAHA self make2006-03-15 19:05:53 XS 22 541018.5
Project2Hanneke, Laura, Annelot eI'm sorry, I can't English!2006-03-15 19:10:18 XL 4444 5611.8
Project3Hanneke, Laura, Annelot eTRY IT!!!2006-03-15 19:19:59 S 4444 47510.6
Dick4Dick 2006-03-17 21:33:14 L 22 3612.8
piet pukmarc 2006-03-18 15:29:26 XL 22 3825.3
wervelwindRuth 2006-03-23 23:48:03 M 333 370
Laura en groepjeHanneke, Laura, Annelot en ChimoSo, here he is!2006-03-27 18:33:22 M 22 2613.8
Steeler FlakesJarrodMaze of the week (week 13)2006-03-28 02:42:20 S 4444 11121.8
FudgeAlice 2006-03-30 02:28:37 M 22 390
yobob 2006-03-30 03:56:47 M 1 380
Project DoolhovenHanneke, Annelot, Laura en ChimoI don't know what I must say ?!2006-03-30 09:37:49 XS 22 2514
DolingApeRobin 2006-03-30 18:38:40 XS 4444 35411.4
lalaladaniel en jordyhello2006-04-04 14:59:13 XL 1 400
leuk doolhofladony 2006-04-06 17:41:28 XL 4444 28725
Emergency Exitalonzo randolph "They're on to us, here, let's take the Emergency Exit. It leads to the Ammerial Air Force Base. You, Lead us to the exit, I kinda forgot."2006-04-07 15:06:42 XL 333 2713.7
Greenvillealonzo randolph IF YOU'VE BEATEN "EMERGENCY EXIT", HERE'S LV. 2 "Phew, that was close. You almost got us killed back there! Never mind that, we need to move fast." "How about through Greenville. It's sorta like a mirror." "PERFECT." Let's go2006-04-07 15:48:32 L 4444 550
Happa Heightsalonzo randolphIF YOU'VE BEATEN GREENVILLE, HERE'S LV. 3 "Greenville, harsh, but wait 'til we get to headquarters, we'll really be in trouble. We need to find the Air Force. AND NOW!"2006-04-07 16:06:12 S 333 2214.5
Carnivationtownalonzo randolphI will tell you what this is about. The characters first. The first voice in the first maze I created is Shamano. In the second maze, the second voice you hear is Pippimatus. There are three more characters to meet, Ana, Terr, and King Tezzc. The first two people are the main heroes of these mazes (and you, since you'ved solved them). The heroes need to get to the base of King Tuzzc and Shamano. But Ana and Terr are getting in the way. The tittle is (I forgot to put one in this story)King Tuzzc Castle Hassle. And finally, in this level (lv. 4) the men are too puzzled to speak, but reconized their mission. Sorry about taking up all of this room for one comment. 2006-04-07 16:33:50 XL 55555 6023.3
Air Skivealonzo randolphIF YOU 'VE BEATEN CARNIVATIONTOWN, HERE'S LV. 5 Shamano: No time for talking. Let's go."2006-04-07 16:54:26 M 4444 210
Metropolitic Tuzzcityalonzo randolphIF YOU'VE BEATEN AIR SKIVE, HERE'S LV. 6 Shamano: THE AIR, WHO PUTS SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN THE AIR! Pippimatus: Calm down Shamano, we're in the city. Which means-(scream) Shamano: What the- Ana: Hi, boys. Shamano & Pippimatus: ANA! Ana: That's right. I'm suprised. You're in action, I'm in action.... Pippimatus: (whispering) how'd you think she got here. Shamano: Who knows, maybe she.... Ana: Well, I know you need to see King Tuzzc, and since you weren't listening, I won't let you! By the way, meet my new friend, Terr. Hmmph! Shamano: Houston, we have..a problem. Pippimatus: You said it!2006-04-07 17:14:06 L 1 3812.6
Air Force Base Dashalonzo randolphIF YOU'VE BEATEN METROPOLITIC TUZZCITY, HERE'S LV. 72006-04-07 17:37:10 XL 55555 220
JiMjAmAmelia LeighhAvE fUn MaRy2006-04-09 22:37:58 S 22 480
Tuzzc Islandsalonzo randolphIF YOU'VE BEATEN AIR FORCE BASE DASH, HERE'S LV. 8. (In a black jet) Shamano: What happened back there. (Things are causing a wave) I should have thought of this at first, Pippimatus, what d'you think's happ- Ana: Like my creation. I call it waving goodbye. Shamano: Good 'cause, GOODBYYYYYYYYYYYYE(he turned on nitro). Ana:(she turned on nitro too)WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Both of them: Why can't you just give up-oof!(they ran into fat trees)We're in Tuzzc Island 1. Ana: See ya.2006-04-09 22:48:40 XL 55555 620
super de luxe doolhoflisa meulendijkshave fun!!!2006-04-19 15:23:51 XL 333 240
fsgfzx 2006-05-04 10:32:41 M 1 3213.1
Mission Impossible MazeCyndlThis is almost an impossible maze! Can you get through it in one piece?! Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha!!
Enter/click this link below to hear really awesome music from the Mission Impossible movies while you try to escape the maze!
2006-05-05 00:42:07 L 333 440
James Bond Action MazeCyndlI bet James Bond could master this maze, but can you?! To listen to cool music while you attempt to escape this maze, click on/enter the address below in your address bar. 2006-05-06 16:26:23 L 4444 4712.1
The Blue Devil DisputeCyndlDuke Blue Devils have mastered this maze. Their Blue Devil instincts lead them right through. Who would like to give it a try? Do you have what it takes to be a Duke Blue Devil? Click on the link below to be accompanied by some really cool music while on your journey. 20:42:47 XL 333 420
Happy Mothers DaySara 2006-05-08 22:31:58 M 4444 280
WimpyHawkManmatthahahahahaha you cant do it2006-05-10 04:14:16 M 1 270
mazfusionMaze of the week (week 19)2006-05-11 13:44:06 M 4444 5523.6
knightescape labyrinthstanMaze of the week (week 20)
"it is not what it seems"
2006-05-15 22:05:24 S 4444 10721.9
labyrinth oneknightescapewill the labyrinth to 2e the labyrinth going!2006-05-16 17:04:08 S 55555 2414.2
labyrinth twoknightescapego by these labyrinth and win!2006-05-16 17:17:08 M 333 280
knightescape labyrinth oneKnightescapeif you win this you go to level two2006-05-16 19:30:49 S 55555 1317.7
knightescape labyrinth twoKnightescapeif you win this, you win all the labyrinth !!!2006-05-16 19:40:32 M 55555 200
loverbgirlsletitciagod verie wel hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!2006-05-26 15:14:12 XL 1 310
Super doolhof is de allermakkeleksteDe Bijtjes 2006-05-27 18:24:05 M 1 75810.7
coolcoolMaze of the week (week 22)
2006-05-27 18:29:13 XS 22 8766.9
Creppy MazeJennifer Balfourthis maze is creepy2006-05-31 21:21:42 XL 22 510
zoek de uitgangjohanna 2006-06-09 09:23:52 M 22 194136.7
Wade WaterDinoMaze of the week (week 24)2006-06-11 11:41:21 M 333 9822
internal circleDinoThis is a very small maze2006-06-11 11:47:46 XS 4444 18422.2
de ZuchtDino 2006-06-11 11:50:22 M 333 250
yrtrty 2006-06-11 11:51:48 M 333 4536.7
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