Mazes table

Below you can find all mazes in a table, with the number of unique visitors who started a maze (column 'Starts'), and the number of them who have found the exit (column 'Finished').
In the last column the successful finishes are represented by a percentage of the number of starts. This gives an indication of the difficulty of the maze. The lower the percentage, the more difficult the maze.

You can find a list of the mazes made by visitors here.

Name mazeDescriptionStartsFinished%
Demo1This is a simple demo.20741320515.5
Demo cirkelIn this demo you can go around, which is useful to practice your orientation.9231321834.9
week1An easy start of the year.1427332.3
week2Don't go around the maze, but meander through the middle.54450.9
week3Two times the same maze behind each other.42961.4
week4Three ways: a short one, a long one and one with a dead end.495244.8
week5This is the very first official maze!
This one is not yet difficult, you can't go far astray.
week6This maze is as easy as 'week5', but shorter.1752864.9
week7The length and difficulty of this maze are comparable with week 5.370123.2
week8This maze has two ways to the exit: long and very short.410184.4
week9This maze has two comparable ways to the exit.32551.5
week10This maze has two ways too, but one of them ends nowhere...50451
week11Like week10, but longer.38920.5
week12One way with distracting paths again, not very difficult yet.31420.6
week13A maze with a mirror plane.30441.3
week14Now it's getting more difficult then week 12.32530.9
Pasen1Special! Search for the eggs, and count them.1413322.3
Pasen2Special! Search for the eggs, and count the number of them.50720.4
week15Three times the same maze behind each other.19210.5
week16Again a maze with a mirror plane.31620.6
week17Comparable with week 14.28710.3
week18Travel to the east.35630.8
week19Again a maze with a mirror plane, but now in an other direction as in 13 and 1631510.3
week20One of the latest official week mazes21110.5
week21Travel to the west.39330.8
week22Comparable with week 20.16010.6
week23Go around.32010.3
week24Comparable with week 19.38630.8
week25Another type of mirror plane.26231.1
week26Travel to the north.44930.7
week27Comparable with week 25.27810.4
week28Travel to the south.32520.6
week29This maze is made of a number of circles as 'Demo circle'.566142.5
week30Follow the outer boundary as much as possible (so it's not so difficult).23962.5
week31Comparable with week 30.22810.4
week32Follow an outer boundary (like week 30). But which one?17510.6
week33Comparable with week 32.19510.5
week34As week 29, but more complex.29320.7
week35Comparable with week 34.24210.4
week36Comparable with week 25, but in another way also comparable with week 13 and week 16.29020.7
week37A maze with two mirror planes.36910.3
week38Comparable with week 37, but this time the maze is larger.36110.3
week39Two ways with their own character.39720.5
week40Comparable with week 37.
But watch out, the exit is in the farthest corner!
week41Comparable with week 39.31630.9
week42Stay out of the middle!38641
week43Comparable with week 39, but this time one of the ways is much more difficult then the other.37030.8
week44As week 43, but the characters of the routes have been interchanged.434184.1
week45Monotonous is the fastest, but longer is more fun.279103.6
week46Two characters again, but this time behind each other.49420.4
week47Three ways, but one of them ends nowhere.42240.9
week48Three ways, but two of them end nowhere. The last published official maze.13910.7
week49Comparable with week 47.41610.2
week50Comparable with week 42.33220.6
week51As week 46, but the characters have been interchanged.35520.6
week52Go directly to your target.62040.6

(Statistics started at 2006-02-13)

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