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Below you can find all mazes made by visitors in a table.

Everyone can rate mazes by giving stars. You can do that two times: once during the maze and once after finishing the maze. The vote at the end of the maze counts for 4. So you have 5 votes in total. (You can't rate a maze you've made yourself).
You can choose one star (poor) up to 5 stars (excellent). You can find the average rating in this table.
You can also see the number of unique visitors who started the maze (column 'Starts') and the number of them who finished it (column 'Finished').
In the last column the successful finishes are represented by a percentage of the number of starts. This gives an indication of the difficulty of the maze. The lower the percentage, the more difficult the maze.

Look here for the table of official mazes.

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Date made (CET)
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allthatrellyha2006-12-25 06:05:56 M 1 390
fruit4everShannanazzyYou can come in but... can you also come out again...... Have fun!2006-12-25 17:10:38 L 55555 3812.6
What everShannanazzyMaze of the week (week 52)
"Find the sortest route. It's not so difficult!"
2006-12-26 13:14:23 M 55555 69811.6
alexjalex 2006-12-31 02:05:49 S 333 3013.3
circle stridecameronthis ones easy2006-12-31 19:20:05 S 4444 320
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